GI For Kids has its own Holistic Medicine Clinic!

Our holisitic medicine provider, Kelly Earnest, CPNP, uses a variety of holistic approaches to treat many different types of patients who are looking to improve their lifestyles and health. Some of these holistic approaches include:

Lifestyle and Wellness Counseling

Therapeutic dietary advice including recommendations for sleep, exercise, stress management and reduction, work and self-care activities, and advice for developing and nurturing healthy relationships with other people.

Medical Nutrition

Therapeutic nutrition and nutritional supplementation of amino acids, vitamins, and other supplements.

Botanical Medicine

Medicinal herbs and plant derivatives prescribed as loose teas, tablets, creams, etc.

Prescription Medication

Holistic medicine providers may prescribe a medication to a patient that they feel will help them to improve their self-care strategies

To learn more about holistic medicine and how it can benefit patients, please read our Holistic Medicine Post and/or give us a call today.

To order supplements from our website, please click “Shop” at the top of our page or visit our “Order Supplements” page under parent resources.


Call us at (865) 546-3998 to schedule a Holistic Clinic appointment with Mrs. Kelly!