What are FODMAPs?

F – Fermentable

O – Oligosaccharides

D – Disaccharides

M – Monosaccharides

A – and

P – Polyols


FODMAP is an acronym describing short chain carbohydrates. These sugars and fibers are often not absorbed in the small intestine and travel to the large intestine bringing excess water with them. Bacteria in the large intestine feed off FODMAPs which can cause too much bacteria to grow in the gut. This can cause discomfort and IBS symptoms such as diarrhea. The purpose of a low FODMAP diet is to starve this excess bacteria and restore the normal flora of the gut.



There are 3 phases of a low FODMAP diet which should be monitored by a Registered Dietitian.



Sub group: fructans and galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS)


Sub group: lactose, milk sugar



Sub group: excess fructose




Sub group: sugar alcohols (sorbitol, mannitol)


For more information about the low FODMAP diet schedule an appointment with our Registered Dietitian, Madden Wilson, RND, LDN, CNSC.