Anorectal Manometry (Anal Manometry) 

Anorectal manometry is a test used to evaluate the muscles (sphincters) responsible for helping you poop. This test is most often used in children with constipation or fecal incontinence but may even be used in infants or adults. At GI for Kids, we use specially sized equipment for children. Within one to two weeks after the test, the doctor will evaluate the results and make a recommendation on how to help your child.

Before the Test 

  • Explain to your child how the test will be done.
  • Give the suppository as instructed.
  • Bring some items to help your child feel comfortable such as a toy, tablet, or phone.

Bring a pillow and a cozy blanket.

During the Test 

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the test and register at the front desk.
  • Someone will bring you and your child to the procedure room and you will help your child get comfortable on the bed.
  • Your child will be asked to take off his/her pants and underwear. He/She will be asked to lay on his/her left side on the bed. A blanket will be draped over them for privacy. It is very important that he/she remains still during the test.
  • You may stay with your child or wait in the lobby during the test. Children in middle and high school may prefer privacy.
  • The nurse will wear a gown and gloves
  • A small tube with a balloon will be inserted into the rectum and the balloon will be inflated to different sizes.
  • The tube is connected to a computer and this will record how well the muscles are working

The test will take less than 45 minutes

What Your Child Will Experience

  • Your child will lay on his/her left side on a bed and the tube will be inserted into the rectum.
  • The tube and balloon will stay in the rectum for the entire test  but it does not hurt.
  • The amount of air in the balloon is increased and decreased several times during the test. When the air is increased, your child may feel like he/she needs to poop. This will only last for a few seconds.

Older children may be asked to tell the nurse what he/she feels during the test.

After the Test 

  • Your child may return to all normal activities
  • Your child’s doctor will discuss the results of the test with you in about one to two weeks.

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