Administering a Tube Feeding using a Feeding Pump

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Pump Feeding Supplies usually include the following:

  • Pump
  • Feeding container and tubing (pump set)
  • Formula
  • Pole
  • 60 mL syringe
  • Water (room temperature)

Setting Up:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Rinse the top of the formula container with hot water.
  3. Mix the formula well by shaking or mixing as directed.
  4. Fill the feeding container with the recommended amount of ounces or mL of formula prescribed by your physician or dietitian.
  5. Hang the feeding container on the pole above the feeding pump or in the backpack.
  6. If you are using a prefilled feeding container, shake the container, spike the container as directed, and continue from this step.
  7. Since every pump is different follow the instructions provided by your healthcare professional to set up and operate your pump.

Starting the Feeding:

  1. To administer the feeding, have the child’s head elevated at least 30 degrees and remain in that position for at least 30 to 60 minutes after the feeding.
  2. Open (unclamp or uncap) your feeding tube.
  3. Before starting the feeding, use the syringe to rinse or flush 5-10 mL of warm water or until the tubing is clean.
  4. Insert the tip on the end of the tubing into your feeding tube.
  5. Set the flow rate on the pump to the recommended rate.
  6. If applicable, open the roller clamp on the feeding set.
  7. Start your pump.
  8. After the feeding, disconnect the feeding set from your feeding tube. Recap the end of the tubing with the plastic cap.
  9. Use the syringe to rinse or flush your feeding with 5-10 mL of warm water or until the tubing is clean.
  10. Close (reclamp or recap) your feeding tube.
  11. Clean, rinse, and dry your equipment.
  12. Throw away the prefilled container when it is empty.
  13. Replace your feeding container and tubing as directed by your healthcare professional.