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Egg Allergy

Food Allergies

Food Allergies

Sorbitol Intolerance

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Sucrose Free Diet

MeatRed meat, pork, chicken, and turkeyCold cuts, hotdogs, or any other food that includes sugar
CerealAny that does not contain sugar or fructoseCereals sweetened with sugar, fructose,
SweetenersGlucose, dextrine, maltose, and no calorie sweetenersSugar, sucrose
FruitsAllAvoid sugar sweetened fruits
FatButter, margarine, oil, home made mayonnaise, salad dressings without sugarMayonnaise, mustards and dressings with sugar
EggsAny typeNONE
MilkAny typeMilks and milk products with added sugar
NutsAny typeCandy covered nuts or nuts prepared with sugar
BreadAny bread that does not have sugar, or sorbitol as an ingredientAny sweet bread or others made with sugar
PotatoesWhite and Sweet potato 
Pastas and SoupsMacaroni, spaghetti, rice and soup pastaPasta that contain prohibited vegetables added sugar
FishAny fresh fishProcessed fish with sugar
DessertsNatural yogurt, cakes, and ice creams made without sugarAny dessert that contains sugar
CheeseAny typeNONE
VegetablesAsparagus, cauliflower, peppers, lettuce, spinach, celery, root vegetables Canned vegetables with sugar
OtherCoffee, tea, and diet soft drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, cocoa, salt, pepper, cinnamon, garlic, poppy seeds, onions, distilled vinegarKetchup, sauces that contain sugar, regular soft drinks, honey, jellies, marmalades, maple syrup

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